Information for Members interested in becoming EUCU Caseworkers

A UCU Caseworker is an elected branch representative. In their role as a Caseworker, they provide support, advice and, where appropriate, representation for individual members within the branch.

UCU representatives (including Caseworkers) who are elected at the AGM are entitled to paid time off work for appropriate training in their role. Catriona Scott, the UCU Official who supports this branch, will arrange for locally-based training to be provided as soon as possible for new Caseworkers.

This training will include:

  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Caseworker
  • Supporting and Advising Indivdual Members
  • Preparing a Case (Grievances & Disciplinaries)
  • Equality Issues
  • The Legal Framework and Employment Tribunal Time-Limits

Please contact Barrie Cooper if you are interested in being elected as a Caseworker Rep.

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