Yesterday (4th June) we were notified that Emma-Jane Phillips (Northumbria University UCU) had made allegations about our delegation which were untrue.

We do not wish to repeat these allegations in detail here, as we are taking steps to obtain redress.

However, for the avoidance of any doubt, the Vote of No Confidence motion submitted by Exeter UCU was debated and voted by a quorate branch meeting on 6th April 2018. Details of the meeting and its decision to submit the motion to Congress were supplied to UCU national HQ, and we have a copy of the form. Moreover, dozens of witnesses were present, including all three Congress delegates who are members of the Exeter branch (Mike Finn and Rhian Keyse, the branch delegation, and João Florêncio who was present at Congress as a delegate from the South West Regional Committee).

No conversations took place at Congress or elsewhere which indicated anything else. Our motion was passed according to branch rules, submitted to Congress according to national rules, and ordered onto the agenda by the Congress Business Committee.

Exeter UCU Congress Delegates urge UCU members, and others, to refrain from making unsubstantiated and demonstrably false allegations. In a number of cases since last week, we have been the target of such false allegations. Some have been resolved informally with branches and members, tweets have been deleted and private apologies made.

However, we believe the inclusions of false allegations in an official report represents a new level of such allegation, and as such we are taking all steps available to us to gain appropriate redress. In this context, we urge UCU members and others to consider their words carefully before committing them to screen or paper. In the event of further false allegations we will pursue appropriate redress under the law.


Mike Finn, EUCU Branch Secretary

Rhian Keyse, EUCU Anticasualisation Officer

João Florêncio, EUCU Equality Officer