The Exeter UCU committee wishes to make it clear that we completely support the delegates we elected to represent our branch at the UCU Congress.

We are deeply concerned that the motion democratically passed by members at a branch meeting was not allowed to be discussed at congress. There was wide support from branches at Congress that our motion, and two others, should be heard and debated.

This was detailed in the thorough account of the events that took place that our delegates provided. We challenge any actions that seek to undermine the legitimacy of the democratically submitted motion, or the delegates who represented the branch.

We wholly condemn the abuse, harassment and unfounded allegations that our delegates have been subjected to as a result of representing the members of Exeter UCU.

All members have a right to participate in the democratic process, and it is the duty of our delegates to represent the democratic will of our members at Congress.

This is exactly what they did, and we support them wholeheartedly and thank them for volunteering to play this role in difficult circumstances.