Professional Services are once again facing significant upheaval. A new round of the voluntary severance scheme has just been opened, and £7.5m will be cut from PS over the next three years. Only recently announced at the end of November 2018, this represents several hundreds of job cuts. All this with previous PS ‘transformation’ projects either unfinished, or with the fallout still being felt. PS colleagues play a crucial role in the success of this institution and this continued programme of disruption and cuts will be damaging throughout the University.

The AGM motion of June 2018 details our objections to the transformation. Last year, we as a Branch Committee responded to the PS Strategy Green Paper (not much different from the new PS strategy) in a letter to Registrar and Secretary, Mike Shore-Nye. The objections in the letter still stand, in particular regarding a section on partnership, where there is not a word about the relationship between PS and academic members of staff. The letter dated 28th March 2018 and reproduced below has been left unanswered ever since and the Union has not been consulted about PS reform.

We encourage all UCU members to have their voices and concerns heard by registering for one of the University’s upcoming workshops (dates between 13 February and 21 March, listed below). These sessions are designed to discuss potential ‘improvements’ to PS and the implementation of the new PS strategy (which includes the new raft of cuts). Has the PS ‘transformation’ achieved its goals? Who knows. Do we benefit from having under-resourced Professional Services and further cuts preventing us from retaining knowledge and planning ahead? Do we need more ‘transformation’? Unlikely. It is essential that the voices of our UCU members are heard.

Register for a workshop via one of the following links:

• Wednesday 13 February, 12:30 – 14:30, Room 3:06 South Cloisters, St Luke’s Campus – book now
• Monday 11 March, 12:30 – 14:30, Upper Lounge, Reed Hall, Streatham Campus – book now
• Monday 11 March, 14:45 – 16:45, Upper Lounge, Reed Hall, Streatham Campus – book now
• Wednesday 13 March, 10:30 – 12:30, Upper Lounge, Reed Hall, Streatham Campus – book now
• Wednesday 13 March, 13:00 – 15:00, Upper Lounge, Reed Hall, Streatham Campus – book now
• Thursday 21 March, 9:30 – 11:30, Trevithick Room, ESI, Penryn Campus – book now

PS staff also need the Union’s support and Union reps will be in attendance at those workshops and can be approached by members in the coming period to discuss concerns. PS staff, please contact your Services representative and/or our Academic-Related Officer. Anyone else, such as academics affected by the centralisation of PS and the transformation, please make your concerns heard to your Departmental representative and/or other suitable representative on the Committee.

A letter to Registrar and Secretary, Mike Shore-Nye, dated 28 March 2018