The initial information circulated on the recent Employee Engagement Survey indicates that “the results and verbatim comments colleagues shared reflect some of the concerns raised about the USS pension, workload, and wider issues relating to the way our University is managed and governed” (Email of 22/01/2019, from Imelda Rogers, FCIPD Interim Director of People Services). Senior management in your Colleges will have already had access to their respective College data. We wanted to let members know we have had an assurance from the University at the JCCN meeting today (7/02/2019) that the EUCU President will be given access to all staff survey results across all Colleges on 12th February in order to fully understand the scope of issues raised on a College by College basis before results are circulated to staff.

We want to work with the University and Colleges to address the issues raised in a constructive/practical way to improve working life at the University for everyone. To start this process, we would like to to set up a working group of our representatives and members, drawn from as wide a base as possible, so that we can analyse the results fully and identify where we can work with the University and Colleges to improve things. If you are interested in being involved please get in touch with your Departmental or Service representative and/or other suitable representative on the EUCU Committee.

We will be using this site as an ongoing source of information and updates for our members on the actions we are taking following the publication of the survey results. We would like all our members to be a part of this process.