Tea with Ben”: Thursday 19th September at 5.00 pm in Laver building, LT6 (Streatham) with video link to Peter Lanyon Seminar 4 (Penryn)

Exeter UCU Branch Committee would like to warmly invite both members and non-members, especially EU citizens to this meeting.
Refreshments will be available!

Are you concerned and worried about the implications of Brexit, either personally, professionally or politically?

As a branch, we are painfully aware of the impact Brexit is already having on many staff at the University. Ben Bradshaw MP, is coming to visit the University next week (Thursday 19th of September) and will be taking part in a special “Brexit” Exeter UCU branch meeting. Ben will be sharing his political insight into Brexit with us and he really wants to meet directly with staff, to hear your experiences and concerns.

The meeting will also be an opportunity to ask questions/discuss other issues such as Labour’s HE policy, the environment, R&D in UK, our current HE dispute etc…

A recording of the talk is now available for viewing.

This recording is only available to University of Exeter users.