EUCU Committee wishes to clarify a few matters relating to the upcoming industrial action. We have received information from casualised staff about a number of departments where activity is being undertaken to “mitigate” and therefore undermine the industrial action.

Specific examples we have been given include:

  • Pressure on hourly paid staff to inform managers in advance of when they will be striking, and furthermore staff being instructed that they have to contact their students to inform them of their intention to strike to minimise inconvenience to students.
  • PTAs being offered additional hours after the strike to cover for work missed by contracted staff during the strike, in order that they get paid the same despite taking part in the strike.
  • Precarious staff being informed by departmental managers that striking may impact on their ability to get work next term and more broadly impact on their academic careers.

EUCU Committee wishes to strongly emphasise that such practices are abuses of power and to remind all members that they should not be rescheduling work, or encouraging others to do so. We encourage any staff who are being placed under such pressures, or others not listed above, to get in contact with the Branch Vice President Rhian Keyse or the PGR Officer Hannah Willis. Your reports will be treated in confidence.

We would also take this opportunity to remind all members of the financial support available through both the local hardship fund and the national fighting fund, to help mitigate the impact of the strike for individuals.

In solidarity,
EUCU Committee