Congress notes:

1. Widespread serious concerns about UCU’s procedures for internal complaints of gender-based violence and harassment

2. High retraumatisation risks for survivors of sexual and domestic violence, abuse, and harassment

Congress believes:

1. Violence and harassment have no place in our movement.

2. UCU responses to gender-based violence should be:

a. Trauma-informed b. Sensitive c. Responsive to survivors’ needs

Congress resolves to create a Gender-Based Violence Commission which will:

1. Report to Congress 2021

2. Be elected by and from branches and the equality committees of the Union, to ensure intersectional representation.

3. Review UCU’s responses to harassment and violence

4. Conduct a trauma-informed impact assessment of procedures under Rule

5. Design and conduct meaningful consultations with survivors, seeking advice from specialist survivor support organisations including (not limited to) Rape Crisis England and Wales, Survivors Trust

6. Recommend new procedures to be regularly reviewed by these external expert organisations

7. Be granted the ability to send motions to Congress 2021.