You can get involved to “build the Union” by becoming a caseworker. You do not need to be a rep to become a caseworker. If interested, please get in touch. Your branch needs your support now.

Caseworkers provide individual support and advocacy with the everyday problems which arise in the workplace. These may range from advice on policy to representing UCU members in matters of disciplinary and grievance (where members have a legal right to representation). As a caseworker, you would:

Listen to members’ concerns and identify what outcome they are seeking.
Provide one to one support for individual members facing workplace issues.
Accompany members to meetings with managers to try to resolve issues informally.
Accompany members to formal hearings such as disciplinary, capability or grievance.

If you would like to help out with drop-in sessions, please contact our Drop-in coordinator, Brian Rappert.
To help with individual casework, please contact the Branch President Sharon Strawbridge.

There is some training coming up for this vital work of providing support and representation for our members. Please read the guide below to prepare for the online session with our South West Regional Caseworker, and contact her to arrange a suitable time over the course of the next two weeks (20 April – 1 May 2020). It is now going to be arranged on Thursday 30th April at 11am and Tuesday 5th of May at 11am.

Handling casework: a guide for UCU reps

Practical up-to-date advice on representing members from UCU expert legal team and using contributions from current reps. You will find this guide invaluable whatever your level of experience handling casework (UCU source). This guide is intended to provide you with a practical checklist of issues to consider when representing members. You will also find invaluable signposts to all the relevant up to date employment law.


This session will be provided by Morin Adesanwo, our South West Regional Caseworker. It will be follow from the guide materials above, going through it, and will be an opportunity to ask questions. Please contact Morin with your availabilities over the course of the next two weeks (20 April – 1 May 2020) to arrange a suitable time.

Representing individual members: an introduction to casework

This is for reps who are new to representing individual members or those who are considering becoming more involved in the direct representation of individual members. The course is designed as an introduction. More experienced reps may find it useful in order to update their skills and look at current best practice.

Duration: 1 day, presumably in December

See more info here and on the training provided there (old post) and there (recent post).