We would like to invite members to consider applying to the Local Hardship Fund.

At its last meeting on 7th of May, the EUCU Committee analysed the results of its recent Branch survey on Workload and Stress and noted the large proprotion of members (44% of those surveyed) who reported moderate to significant stress impact, sometimes distress, caused by the actual or threatened strike pay deductions during the Covid-19 crisis. The Committee voted unanimously to extend the deadline to apply to its Local Hardship Fund to 4 months (instead of 3 months): a claim arising from the dispute will now be paid if it is received within 4 months after the date of loss of pay (that is, within 4 months of the payroll run that shows the deduction). In other words, any claim relating to the January or February payroll must be submitted by the end of May or June respectively.

The Committee notes the generosity of our donors during the last strike

and wishes to thank everyone who contributed financially to the Hardship Fund and supported our fundraising efforts.