We stand with all of our black colleagues and the student community, in the fight against all forms of racism in the HE system. 

As a union, we pledge to listen to your voices and to help strive for a truly equal university and society. This fight is the responsibility of the whole university community, with the responsibility to ensure inclusion and the end to discriminatory and racist practice falling on ALL of our shoulders, not just those of the BAME community. As a union we advocate for fair opportunities and the equal representation of BAME workers across all levels within the university, and within our union. There is much work to be done to tackle the ongoing inequality and as a union we are listening – please contact us and share any resources you think will be useful in the fight. 

We also stand with the students guild and their statement released last week.

UCU – standing proudly against racism

How you can help:

  • Sign: add your name to the Justice for George Floyd petition
  • Donate: in the US, a fundraiser has been set up in George Floyd’s memory by his brother Philonise Floyd to cover funeral costs and counselling as well as expenses during court proceedings, and the Minnesota Freedom Fund helps to support those in custody who can’t afford bail. In the UK, UCU is affiliated to the United Family and Friends Campaign, supporting the families of those who have died in custody, which also welcomes donations.
  • Inform: UCU is encouraging black members to complete this TUC survey on the treatment of BME workers during the Covid crisis.
  • Organise: information on UK based solidarity events can be found here. Please also let us know what is happening in your branch or community.