This year’s Annual General Meeting of Exeter UCU will be held on Wednesday 16 September, 2020, 13:30-15:30.

The meeting will be held via Zoom, with link to be emailed closer to the time.

Nominations for Committee 2020/21

Nominations are now open for all Committee and Departmental & Professional Services Reps positions – a list of positions is available on the linked pages.

All the positions are vacant. To become a Department or PS rep you need to be elected. In this capacity you will not have voting rights on Committee (because too many voting reps makes it difficult to be quorate), but you will be entitled to take the Rep training courses. Following last year’s AGM motion on Facilities Time and negotations over the past year, the University has recently published the Guidance on Facility Time for Trade Union Representatives.

We encourage anyone who would like to be involved with the branch to stand for election at the AGM or to join our group of branch caseworkers. If you would like to stand for election, please send your nomination to the Returning Officer, Kevin Perkins, by noon 19 August 2020. Nominations for a specified role must be accompanied by a proposer and seconder from among branch members, to be added in CC with the email. To become a caseworker, Kevin is also our casework coordinator, so please do contact him.

For details on what some of the roles entail please see the branch rules, but if you would like more details, please ask our Branch Administrator and Returning Officer, Kevin Perkins.

Nominations for HE special sector conference delegates and Congress representatives

We also call nominations for up to 3 Congress delegates to attend the 2020 Annual Congress (date postponed to a future date) and 3 branch delegates to attend an on-line special Higher Education special sector conference to take place on Wednesday 30 September and which is “to debate and direct the union’s response to the attack on jobs, pay and conditions resulting from the response of employers to the Covid-19 pandemic, including a draft sector-wide claim.” Please submit your nominations to our Branch Administrator, Kevin Perkins, by noon 19 August 2020.

AGM motions, including motion for HE sector conference

We invite branch members to submit motions for discussion at the AGM. Up to 2 motions may be submitted by the branch to the HE sector conference. The branch already voted on one such motion at its 17.02.2020 EGM. For an idea of the format of general motions, previous motions can be seen here. We would also appreciate receiving motions formatted following the template provided here. Any additional motion for the HE sector conference should have the title (not more than 10 words) and the motion text (not more than 150 words). Please submit all motion texts to the acting secretaries Sharon Strawbridge and Claire Foullon and our Branch Administrator, Kevin Perkins, by noon 2 September 2020. Motions for discussion and a draft agenda will be circulated to all members by 11 September.