In response to the Registrar’s sharing the very serious situation that we have, with staff and students, of massively rising cases numbers in his email this afternoon, we have shared the following:

  • We are very glad that this information has been made available to staff and students today and hope that we (along with other campus trade unions) can have sight of all the data going forward as requested in our email to the VC yesterday.
  • Sharing more granular data, does not need to include personal data that would identify individuals, but it would pick up on clustering of cases, it is also vital to know if cases being reported are in the student or staff population. We would also like to draw your attention to the very large number of asymptomatic cases found at Northumbria university, where only 78 were symptomatic. We think it would be reasonable to assume we will have a similar percentage of asymptomatic cases at Exeter.

We are now awaiting a response from the Vice Chancellor with respect to our request for information, we need to be kept regularly and fully updated.