Two separate consultation processes have just begun on the re-structuring of both Research Services and the Finance Accounts Payable Team.

We have joined forces as the campus unions, to show our support to and stand in solidarity with our members and staff affected by the current re-structuring.

Several years ago campus unions had several weeks’ notice of such re-structuring consultation periods commencing. However, for the above restructures we have had at most a few working days’ notice of the re-structure, although this exercise has clearly been in the pipeline for quite some time now. We have requested that the university provides a realistic period of notice to the TU’s in order that we can properly consider the restructuring proposals on the table, as well as to be able to arrange union cover for the statutory meetings required as part of the redundancy procedure. It seems as if the University is deliberately attempting to thwart the TU’s in their duty to provide proper considered support and representation to our members.

If you are already a union member and have not made yourself known to your union, please contact your branch to make them aware you are affected, as we can provide you with personal support and guidance, through this very difficult time. We are also very aware that some staff affected may not be union members and wanted to advise you on sources of support and advice you can access:

Exeter UCU
Exeter Unite

Some of you may wish to consider joining a union at this point and we encourage members in Professional Services to forward this message to their colleagues, as we have no assurances that the re-structuring in professional services will stop there (despite the collective agreement of July 2020).

You may wish to attend or help to advertise the event below:

Know Your Rights Pub Quiz

Wednesday 2nd December, 5:30pm, hosted by UNISON University of Exeter and Students’ Guild Vice President Education

This event will be a chance to test your knowledge on all things workers’ rights and have a bit of lockdown fun! After the Pub Quiz, stick around for a short Q and A for anyone who may have questions about trade unions.