Motion for: Congress

Adopting a better definition of anti-Semitism

Congress notes:

1.    pressure from UK Government for universities in England to adopt the controversial IHRA definition;
2.    passed motions from the 2017 and 2018 UCU Congresses opposing adoption.

Congress believes that the definition:

1.   dangerously conflates racist views with legitimate political criticism; 
2.   threatens academic criticism of Israel, and Palestinian solidarity events;
3.   undermines freedom of speech and intellectual thought central to Universities;
4.   compromises the fight against anti-Semitism and racism.

Congress resolves:

1.    to develop a better definition of anti-Semitism through consultation with Jewish members and more widely and such that descriptions of the discriminatory nature and acts of Israel should not be treated eo ipso as anti-Semitic, without independent evidence of anti-Jewish intention;
2.    to call for a reject of the IHRA definition by universities that have not already adopted it, and for an amendment or codicil appended to it by universities that have already adopted it.