At the end of August the USS Joint Negotiating Committee (JNC) will respond to the USS proposals for the 2020 valuation. Universities UK (UUK), our employers, suggested outrageous benefit cuts which could reduce the value of the pension you earn in future by cutting the accrual rate (the amount you will receive for your money) and adding an inflation cap (meaning if the inflation rate rises above 2.5% it will not be covered by your USS pension) and a shift away from our defined benefit pension scheme. The burden of these cuts falls squarely on employees not employers- disadvantaging lower paid staff, particularly women and younger earlier  career staff- see the pensions modeller available here to see how it could affect you. If the JNC accepts the UUK cuts, then USS will aim to finalise the valuation and implement the changes by April 2022. UCU negotiators at JNC have repeatedly argued for replacement valuation and will table counter-proposals shifting the burden onto employers. But so far, it has not made any difference-UUK are not listening. We’ll keep you posted, but please be ready to help us oppose these outrageous cuts if they are imposed!