The ballot is now open for UCU members nationwide in the ongoing Four Fights dispute over casualisation, workload, pay and equality in the HE workplace. Let’s focus on the first of those areas: casualisation.

Casualisation remains a serious problem at the University of Exeter, despite some hard-fought victories in recent years by the Exeter UCU branch in forcing management to improve its contractual offerings to non-permanent staff. Did you know…

•             That 71% of our research staff are on fixed-term contracts, many on serial fixed-term contracts?

•             That in the period Aug-Dec 2021 the University issued approximately 600 casual contracts issued, compared to only 200 permanent/open-ended contracts?

•             Non-white staff are under-represented at Exeter, but under-representation is magnified for those on secure contracts?

•             That if you have worked here more than four years on fixed-term contract, you are now granted an “open-ended” contract, but this may still be still tied to ‘time limited’ external funding.

The Exeter UCU Anti-Casualisation Group is organising a workshop today, Friday 18 March, at 3pm where we will argue a ‘time limited-open ended’ contract is an oxymoron. Find out how Exeter UCU has been working on behalf of its membership to try to stamp out zero-hours contracts, and how much work there still is to do to improve employment practices here at Exeter. 

Open to all on a fixed term contract or one of the recent ‘time limited’ open ended contracts, TAs, or PTAs. Full details have been emailed to all members.

Do you have experiences to share? Come to the workshop or contact your anti-cas reps on the EUCU Committee AT ANY TIME: Michael Flexer, Ginny Russell and Paul Burns.

What else can I do?

Support your local Branch in its Get The Vote Out efforts.

And of course, please VOTE in the current ballots on Four Fights and USS Pensions. Vote Yes to strike action and Action Short of Strike (ASOS) for better and fairer working conditions for everyone in HIgher Education – especially for our most vulnerable and junior colleagues.

Click here for further information from Exeter UCU about the vote.