The USS pensions scandal in numbers. If you have the stomach for it…

0% predicted growth in value of our USS pension scheme, 2020-2022, according to the official March 2020 valuation.

25% confirmed growth in the value of our USS pension scheme, 2020-2022. 

£0 – predicted number of extra pounds in our USS pension scheme, 2020-2022. 

£22.3bn (Yup. More than twenty-two BILLION pounds) – actual number of extra pounds in our USS pension scheme, 2020-2022.

Two – number of years UCU has been pointing out that the March 2020 USS valuation was catastrophically flawed. 

Two – number of years Universities UK (and University of Exeter leadership) has ignored UCU. 

£10 million annual amount University of Exeter leadership has happily agreed to pay into a recovery programme for a fictitious USS deficit. The total sum agreed by Higher Education institutions is £0.5bn (Yup. Half a BILLION pounds). Annually.

49 – days since our Vice-Chancellor wrote to Exeter UCU that “Employers do not accept [the] assertion that the 2020 valuation is ‘flawed’ or the implied criticism that it is not ‘evidence based’ ”.

££££££? – The amount by which YOUR pension is due to be cut. Find out exactly how bad it is for you personally by using UCU’s pensions calculator. Hold on tight though!


One of UCU’s principal requests in the USS pensions dispute is for employers (represented by Universities UK) to join UCU’s repeated calls for a NEW valuation of our pension scheme. A valuation that will accurately reflect its current and future value. 

The catastrophically flawed 2020 valuation is the main reason why YOUR pension is being slashed. If you don’t have a USS pension yourself, it is why your colleagues’ pensions are being slashed.

You need to vote in the USS pensions ballot. Send a message to our Vice-Chancellor that enough is enough. Support UCU in their work to save our pensions scheme from this savage and totally unnecessary attack.

5PM TODAY is the deadline to request replacement ballots.

The last safe posting day is Wednesday 6 April.

The ballots close on Friday 8 April.

More information is available via our Vote 2022 webpage.