The EUCU Committee is responsible for conducting the day-to-day business of the branch and is elected from the branch membership at our Annual General Meeting (AGM).

If you’d like to stand for any of the committee positions, please do get in touch with us.



President: Mike Finn (College of Humanities).

Vice-President: Rhian Keyse (College of Humanities).

Secretary: João Florêncio (College of Humanities).

Treasurer: VACANT (Interim Treasurer – Roz Davis (Research Services)).

Membership Secretary: Alex Prichard (College of Social Sciences & International Studies).

Communications Officer: VACANT.

Pensions Officer: VACANT.

Health & Safety Officer: Sharon Strawbridge (College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences).

Governance and Policy Officer: VACANT.

Academic-related Officer: Nicola Northcott (University of Exeter Business School).

Equality & Diversity Officer: João Florêncio (College of Humanities).

Disability Officer: Claire Lavers (University of Exeter Business School).

Anti-Casualisation Officer: Rhian Keyse (College of Humanities).

PGR Officer: Jess Bowyer (College of Social Sciences & International Studies).

Casework Coordinator: Ulrike Zitzlsperger (College of Humanities)

Drop-ins Coordinator: Catherine Dupré (College of Social Sciences & International Studies).

Committee Member (Co-opted): Gail Davies (College of Life and Environmental Sciences)


College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences: Barrie Cooper.

College of Humanities: Ilaria Pinna and Peter Riley (shared rep role).

College of Life and Environmental Sciences: Clive Barnett.

College of Social Sciences and International Studies: Angela Cassidy.

University of Exeter Medical School: Luke Pilling.

University of Exeter Business School: VACANT.

INTO: Andy Holbrook.

Penryn Campus: Sarah Bulmer (College of Social Sciences & International Studies).

St Luke’s Campus: Luke Pilling (University of Exeter Medical School).