2021 GTVO

YouTube 2021 Getting the Vote Out

2020 HE Strike

YouTube 2020 HE Strike
  • 2020 February 20 – March 13: A week-by-week photo journal of 14 days of strike.
February20: Week121: Week1
February24: Week225: Week226: Week2
March2: Week33: Week34: Week35: Week3
March9: Week410: Week411: Week412: Week413: Week4

2019 HE Strike

YouTube 2019 HE Strike
  • 2019 November 25 – December 4: A day-by-day photo journal of 8 days of strike.
November25: Day 126: Day 227: Day 328: Day 429: Day 5
December2: Day 63: Day 74: Day 8

2018 USS Strike

YouTube 2018 USS Strike

EUCU Google Photo Albums

YouTube 2013-2014 Winter
YouTube 2011 November

Important notice: The photos here are primarily for testimonial to members and non-members on the activities of the EUCU branch, not to be used without EUCU permission.

The photos are collected from various sources. Some of the photos have been given with permission from the photographers for exclusive use by EUCU, others may have been collected from public social media such as Twitter.

If you find that you are in those photos and would rather have them removed from the public domain, or conversely, if you have photos that could be added to the EUCU Google Photo albums, please get in touch with Claire Foullon, Communications Officer.