EUCU regularly holds drop-in advice sessions.

The drop-in sessions are for all those who want to have a chat about issues with which EUCU may be able to help, such as workload, probation, the extended teaching day, childcare provision, retirement schemes, REF and TEF, as well as a wider range of personal employment-related issues. Do note, however, that drop-in sessions are not meant to replace individual casework, which remains available as usual.

Drop-ins take place in the Union Room at the foot of the Laver building (left at the top of the first flight of steps) and scheduled dates are communicated to members via email, as well as updated on our calendar of meetings and events.

If you have any queries, please contact the drop-in coordinators, Dr Catherine Dupré (College of Social Sciences & International Studies) or Dr Stephen Skinner (College of Social Sciences & International Studies).