Whilst they are not Committee positions, reps are crucial as EUCU points of contact at departmental/service level, can attend Committee meetings, and are fundamental for efficient communication between departments/services and Committee. All the positions are effective from 1st of August to 31st of July the following year.

Academic Reps

College reps are listed elsewhere as members of the Committee. Penryn reps for each College are listed here as Academic reps.

Communications, Drama and Film: Stephen Hodge

Geography (+CLES Penryn): Ian Cook

Psychology: Joe Sweetman

Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences, Penryn: Vacant

HASS Penryn: Elif Ceylan Ozsoy & Jordina Sala-Branchadell

English and Creative Writing: Michael Flexer

Social and Political Sciences, Philosophy, and Anthropology: Charlie Masquelier

Physics and Astronomy: Tim Naylor 

Mathematics and Statistics: Andrew Gilbert

Languages, Cultures and Visual Studies: João Florêncio

Archaeology and History: Alex Fairfax-Cholmeley

Management, Economics, Finance and Accounting: Claire Lavers

Sport & Health Science: Gavin Buckingham

IAIS: Siam Bhayro

Law: Stephen Skinner

Classics & Ancient History: Rebecca Flemming


Academic-Related Reps

Marketing, Recruitment, Communications, and Global: Nick Chavasse

Get Involved

If you do not have a departmental representative and are a member of the UCU, you might like to consider volunteering for the position. Departmental representatives can attend committee meetings, so they get lots of support. It involves occasional meetings with members from their department and being a conduit of information to and from members. They are also the first call for members who have any queries. The position is a rewarding way to help your colleagues and take part in the way your union is run. Please contact us or get in touch with your College representative(s), Academic-related Officer or our Secretary to find out more or to offer yourself as academic or academic-related rep. for your department or your service.