2014 Pay Negotiations started

The UCU has now set out the pay claim for 2014/15, and will start negotiations through JNCHES. Details of the claim and the timing of meetings are at http://fairpay.web.ucu.org.uk/2014/03/21/latest-he-claim-reiterates-dispute-claim/#.Uy_wZtwhMds The full claim, co-ordinated with the other HE Unions, is at http://www.ucu.org.uk/media/pdf/5/n/hepay_jointunionclaim14-15.pdf We will discuss this,  the implications for Exeter, and the on-gooing dispute about the unsettled … Continue reading 2014 Pay Negotiations started

Become a caseworker for the UCU at Exeter

Information for Members interested in becoming EUCU Caseworkers A UCU Caseworker is an elected branch representative. In their role as a Caseworker, they provide support, advice and, where appropriate, representation for individual members within the branch. UCU representatives (including Caseworkers) who are elected at the AGM are entitled to paid time off work for appropriate … Continue reading Become a caseworker for the UCU at Exeter